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I had dealt with a good bit of ongoing, daily pain in my left shoulder/neck for long while. It affected just about every thing I did – putting on shirts was excruciating, and sleep was very difficult. After a couple of 90 minute sessions with Laura, the pain had all but vanished. I slept better, I moved better and I just felt better all the way around. One of the best parts is that not only did Laura get rid of my pain, but she showed me how to maintain my shoulder, what muscles were responsible and how to work them at home. She gave me the tools to keep going – just awesome! I can’t recommend her enough!
— James G.
Having received numerous bodywork sessions from Laura, I would like to express my profound gratitude for the high quality of her work. She is a wonderful practitioner and has helped me immensely with her skilled touch and warm heart. I would highly recommend her to anyone that needed bodywork!
— Curtis A.
I have been to quite a few massage therapists and chiropractors, all giving good massages and adjustments, but I found the master when I found Laura. I’ve had back problems for years, but Laura approaches your pain with a real concern and desire to get to the bottom of the problem. Laura knows the human anatomy extremely well and found pressure points that were connected to my pain, many times knowing exactly where to focus and sometimes in totally different areas than where I actually feel the pain. She not only does a great job of relieving the pain, but also educates, providing exercises and self massage, so that I can actually ease the pain myself at home. Finding Laura has been a blessing as she has given me the ability to continue to lead my active life, golfing, exercising, and traveling on airplanes with the knowledge that I’ve got someone who’s “got my back”.
— Jim D.
Laura delivers the epitome of an “all-encompassing” bodywork experience. She can close her eyes and let your needs guide her hands to heal the parts of your body requiring attention. I have often felt the positive ripples from her work for days following a massage. In a word – she’s amazing!
— Penny M.
I was blessed to receive bodywork from Laura on the day I conceived my daughter. Her work is consistently magical in my experience, not just on days of conception. She brings to her healing practice nearly unrivaled skill coupled with compassionate presence. She is a deep listener, always providing safe space for the possibilities of openness, acceptance, and growth.
— Daisy M.
I sought Laura’s help after a year of rehabbing my knee from replacement surgery. I was still experiencing too much swelling and inflammation in and around the knee joint. She told me about her structural bodywork training and I felt this would bring more movement and ease to my knee. And it did! We worked together for about 6 months. Laura identified what leg, hip, gluteal and abdominal muscles were associated with the strain on my knee. Her work was thorough and gentle while working extremely deep. In each session she penetrated the tight, elastic band feeling the swelling created and left me with more movement than before. I am so grateful to have found this technique! Thanks Laura!
— Thalia M.