Massage Services

wellness massage

Integrative, relaxing, full-body treatment drawing from many modalities such as swedish, shiatsu, reflexology, and more. This can involve gentle to firm pressure, and will be tailored to meet your needs and preferences. A great choice for someone new to massage or for someone who just wants to relax.

clinical and structural bodywork

Deep and specific, this treatment will focus on particular muscle groups to relieve pain, bring the body back into natural alignment with gravity, and restore proper function and mobility. The session begins with an assessment of whole body posture and a plan to treat accordingly. Includes fascial and neuromuscular bodywork to effect deep change. A longer session (at least 90 minutes) is highly advised.

asian fusion massage

A fully clothed full body treatment, practiced on a mat on the floor. Drawing from shiatsu, thai massage and other asian modalities, this deeply rejuvenating treatment includes stretching, rocking, and compression techniques. A hands down favorite for those who like a full body therapeutic treatment.

hot stone massage

Smooth volcanic basalt stones are heated and used along with classic swedish style massage to deliver a truly luxurious experience. The heat from the stones is transferred to muscle and connective tissue of the body, unwinding physical tension and soothing the mind.

prenatal and postpartum massage

Soothing and nourishing for mom-to-be, this wellness massage is geared specifically to the needs of this monumental time. Specialized positioning and techniques cultivate ease and relief for many common perinatal discomforts. Happy mamas make for happy families.



Couples Massage and Chair Massage available by Special Request